Parent Information



In your lessons the tutors will:

  • present new information
  • organise for children to practise in a group setting
  • assess children’s progress
  • address any specific problems.


Practising is important

Children will make very slow progress if the weekly lesson is the only time they play their instrument. They need to practise through the week to explore the new information, play by themselves and to address bits they find difficult.

With practice, they become fluent with particular pieces and over time this adds up to a large amount of music knowledge and skill – and potentially enjoyment.

Research done a few years ago showed that the true talent of elite performers – in any field, not just music – is a talent for practice.

As a guide, a younger child should do about 10 minutes four times a week and an older child could be doing 30 minutes four times a week.


Supporting your child’s music

Parents (guardians/caregivers) can make a big difference to a child’s learning experiences.

To make the most of your children’s music learning, we suggest you:

  • organise a Saturday routine to get your child to their class well in time;

  • note the key points of the lesson and the homework for younger children and encourage older children to do this for themselves;

  • set up a routine for practices during the week and possibly some incentives for regular practice (a simple chart with a small prize for the end of term).