Workshop Days

2019 Workshop Days


What are workshop days?

Workshop days are an opportunity for RMC Saturdays to be a bit different from our regularly scheduled courses! These days are meant to be fun-filled and complement our weekly course curriculum by offering students a brief 30-minute faculty concert and spending the remaining time exploring their current or new instrument(s).


How do I sign-up?

You will receive an email from our supervisor before the day asking you to sign-up for the Workshop Day and potentially different sections after the faculty concert. Workshop Days are first-come-first-serve and space may be limited – this is due to numbers of tutors and staff available for the day.


How long are workshop days? When do they occur and at what time?

Workshop days are about 1.5 hours, including a 30 minute concert from our tutors.


Workshop days occur twice per year - once in Term 1 2019 on 30 March and once in Term 3 2019 on 14 September. Time of the workshop will be announced before the day and will be during the RMC hours (9am-1:30pm).


Where are workshop days held? What do I need to prepare for them? Where do we go after the concert?

Locations may change, but workshop days will usually start in the Hall. Information will be sent to you closer to the time.


Please speak with your tutors on what you need to prepare and be sure to bring your instrument on the day.


After the concert, we will break off into groups by course. Since there are two workshop days a year and courses can only participate once, we hope this will also prevent workshop clashes for students who participate in more than one course. Room assignments will be made available before the day.


What is required of me before the workshop?

Please attend your courses regularly and speak with your tutor if you have any further questions. Tutors will advise if your course will be participating in workshop days. Email for more information.