How to enrol as a new or returning student in 3 steps!


Select a pricing plan: one student, one student (koha), or additional student from our Pricing Plans page and create a profile through our website.


If you need to register more than one student, we recommend you select a pricing plan and book courses for each student one at a time.

Once you've purchased a pricing plan, you'll become a member of our site and have access to the 'Enrol Now' page which will allow you to book your classes.


Before you book your classes: decide which instrument you want to learn and whether you will need to hire an instrument. Remember you can only learn one Level 1 instrument at a time.


Understand your skill level. If you are a beginner, register for any Level 1 (beginner) class that suits you. If you've studied music before, check the Skill Level Guidelines to choose a class at the right skill level. Students who enrol in a higher level class and are not in the correct level will be removed from the class. 


Visit the Enrol Now page to pick the class, time, and level that suits you. 

Orchestra is open to students who have learned an instrument for at least one year or are in a Level 2 course.

If a class you're looking for is no longer available, check the timetable on our 2021 programme information page for more class times. If there are not any other open sections, email the Programme Supervisor (

For returning students, please be sure to check with your tutor about which level to enrol in for next year.

If you need to register more than one student, we recommend you select your pricing plan first and then book courses for each student one at a time.


At RMC students can hire cello, clarinet, flute, or saxophone for $150 per year


Select which instrument you need to hire: cello, clarinet, flute, or saxophone. Visit the Pricing Plans page and select the Instrument Hire plan.

Please note: families are allowed to hire one instrument per year per family.


Go to the Enrol Now page and click on the tab 'Instrument Hire' and select your instrument.


You will receive an email confirmation when completed. If you did not receive an email, please check your Spam inbox.


Hire instruments will be given out on the first day of classes and returned at the final concert of the year, or final lesson. For example, if you hire a Flute your hired instrument will be given to you during Flute class on the first day in Term 1.

Summer hire is available for returning students. Please get in touch to discuss summer hire options and availability.


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