No lessons over Labour Weekend (24 October )!

Below you can find useful information for our 2020 programme.

Email our Supervisor if you have further questions (


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Download our 2020 calendar to see when classes will be held, our concert days, and workshops.


Find out what room your class will be held and see what other classes we have on offer. Students can register for other classes up until 8 February 2020. Please get in touch for more information.


Find out more about what's required for each class and if the instrument you need is available through instrument hire.


Below you can find a map of the school and where classes will be held.


Raroa Music Centre last class (21 March) of Term 1 was cancelled due to ongoing COVID-19 (Coronavirus) situation. We're hugely disappointed to cancel any classes; however, our number one priority is the health and safety of our students, parents and guardians, and staff. Please see more information from the Ministry of Education below.

Term 2 classes resumed online on 9 May and then in-person for Term 3 on 25 July.


Parents and guardians can make a big difference to a student's learning experiences. To make the most of your children’s music learning, we suggest you:

  • organise a Saturday routine to get your child to their class well in time

  • note the key points of the lesson and the homework for younger children and encourage older children to do this for themselves

  • set-up a routine for practice during the week, include incentives if needed

Practising is important - student progress will be impacted if the weekly lesson is the only time they play their instrument. Students need to practise through the week to explore the new information, play by themselves and to address bits they find difficult.

As a guide, a younger child should practice about 10 minutes four times a week and an older child could pratice 30 minutes four times a week.​